ACD Course 


The Bachelor of Ministry is designed to develop deeply reflective leaders responsive to the changing face of ministry and mission. Centred on the integration of practice and theology, students will engage with contemporary approaches to scripture, mission, leadership and Christian discipleship as they grow and develop their skills for Christian ministry.

The course provides academic and professional preparation for lay and ordained ministry in a variety of contemporary missional contexts. It also provides preparation for the ordained positions of Minister of the Word and Minister of Deacon in the Uniting Church.

Employment and vocational outcomes include: youth workers, church planters, children and family workers, church administrators, chaplains in hospital, mental health and disability settings, congregational ministries and worship leaders.

The course is delivered via blended learning. It requires three years of full-time study or the equivalent study part-time.

To be admitted to the course of BMin candidates must have:

  • Completed the final year of secondary schooling in the Australian Secondary System, including the SACE, the International Baccalaureate or other equivalent Year 12 qualification


  • Have attained an educational level considered by the ACD Academic Board to be equivalent including a satisfactorily completed (or part completed) higher education qualification from an accredited tertiary institution, equivalent to the satisfactory completion of at least one semester of full-time study


  • A VET qualification from an accredited VET provider at Certificate IV level or above.


  • For admission to the Practice stream of the BMin a candidate shall attend an interview with the Course Coordinator and provide such referee reports as may be requested. Reports will normally address a candidate’s vocational potential, their potential or demonstrative ability to integrate and reflect, their learning style and potential to work effectively within the genre of the program, the availability of suitable in situ supervision, and the suitability of the candidate’s work setting as a learning context.

The purpose of the BMin is to equip Christian leaders to be competent in establishing, developing, transforming and growing healthy communities and networks. The course enables students to engage seriously with contemporary ministry and mission contexts that are developing and evolving. The course provides academic and professional preparation for ordained and lay ministry roles.

The course provides opportunity to people who are interested in the study of Christian ministry in contemporary society, whether this leads to a Christian ministry role or to personal enrichment and leadership development for other fields of endeavour. It is open to people of any, or no, denominational background.

The Bachelor of Ministry is designed to provide a strong foundation across the full range of theological disciplines that underpin contemporary ministry leadership – biblical studies, Christian education and discipleship, Christian leadership and missiology – with the ability to specialise in two of these areas (major studies). Supervised Field Education and integrative studies are designed to foster theological integration in the context of contemporary ministry practice, and guided study units provide flexibility to students and the opportunity to combine academic and practical development for professional preparation.

On completion of the Bachelor of Ministry students will have:

  • the cognitive skills to undertake research, analyse information and apply knowledge and techniques learned in an academic or professional context
  • developed skills for self-directed and life-long learning
  • skills and capacities to be a reflective ministry practitioner, integrating aspects of theory and practice in an academic or professional context
  • developed interpersonal, communication, creative and teamwork skills appropriate to employment and/or further study.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Ministry will:

  • be able to initiate, plan, problem solve and implement decisions in a leadership role in a range of ministry contexts
  • have the appropriate knowledge and skills to make independent judgements in a range of leadership contexts
  • be able to identify and apply innovative approaches and solutions to issues arising in ministry practice
  • understand the dynamics of healthy interpersonal relationships, and be able to generate appropriate trust

have skills and capacities to be a reflective practitioner.

Credit may be granted for recognition of prior studies undertaken at another approved Higher Education Institution.

The Bachelor of Ministry course consists of 108 credit points comprising of 24 units.

Students are required to complete:

  • Eight level 1 core units,
  • Two majors, and
  • One minor.

Majors and minors are available in the following areas:

  • Biblical studies
  • Christian Discipleship
  • Leadership
  • Pastoral Care
  • Missiology and
  • Innovation

A major is 6 units equivalent to 27 credit points. A minor is 4 units equivalent to 18 credit points. No more than two level 1 units may be included in a major or minor.

In addition all students must complete two units of Supervised Field Education, two units of Integrative Ministry Practice, and the unit MINS3002 Biblical Hermeneutics. One unit of Supervised Field Education may be included as an elective unit in any major.

Elective units may be selected from the full range of units available, provided prerequisites are met.

A specialist Practice stream is available for students who are approved by the course adviser to take this stream, on the basis of additional admission requirements.

Students in the Practice stream are required to complete:

  • eight level 1 core units
  • five units of Supervised Field Education
  • two units of Integrative Ministry Practice
  • the unit MINS3002 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • electives and Guided Study units.

Students in the practice stream will be guided in their study program by an individually assigned academic adviser. Units may be selected from the full range of units in the course.

LevelStructureBiblical StudiesChristian Education & DiscipleshipLeadershipMissiology
LeadershipPastoral CareMissiologyInnovation
Level 1Core units (36 points)MINS1101
MINS1601 MINS1603MINS1509 MINS1510MINS1304 MINS1305
Level 2 & 3Required unit for a Major in this area Elective units to complete a Major in this areaMINS3002 is a required unit for Biblical Studies Major and also a upper level core unitno units specifiedno units specifiedMINS3514MINS2318MINS2317 MINS2323 MINS3342
3 units from:
MINS2001 MINS2704
MINS2002 MINS2705
MINS2110 MINS3003
MINS2111 MINS3109
MINS2216 MINS3110
MINS2218 MINS3111
MINS2219 MINS3218
4 units from:
4 units from:
3 units from:
1 unit of
Supervised Field
Education in
addition to the SFE
units required for
the course
unit/s for a
Minor in
this area
units to
complete a
Minor in
this area

one Biblical Studies elective

two Christian Education & Discipleship elective units

elective units

one Pastoral
Care elective

one Missiology elective unit

One additional
Supervised Field
Education unit
Level 2Core units (9 points)MINS2801 Integrative Ministry Practice A
MINS2528 Supervised Field Education 1
Level 3Core units (13.5
MINS3801 Integrative Ministry Practice B, MINS2529 Supervised Field Education 2, and MINS3002 Biblical Hermeneutics for Mission and Ministry


MINS1002          Introducing the Scriptures
MINS1101          Interpreting the Old Testament
MINS1201          Interpreting the New Testament
MINS2001          Bible and Culture
MINS2002          Guided Study in Biblical Studies A
MINS2110          Israel’s Response to Exile
MINS2111          Pentateuch
MINS2216          Pauline Letters
MINS2219          Synoptic Gospels
MINS3002          Biblical Hermeneutics
MINS3003          Guided Study in Biblical Studies B
MINS3109          Writings of the Hebrew Bible
MINS3110          Old Testament Wisdom Literature
MINS3111          Prophets Then and Now
MINS3218          Gospel of John & Johannine Letters

MINS1601            Spirituality for 21st Century Disciples
MINS1603            Beyond SundayIntro to Life, Faith & Work
MINS2601            Guided Study in Christian Education & Discipleship A
MINS2602            Youth and Young Adult Ministry
MINS2603            Ministry with Children and Families
MINS2604            Chaplaincy and Ministry in Schools
MINS2601            Media and Communication in Contemporary Culture
MINS2612            Faith & Work
MINS2613            Church Planting
MINSXXXX            Church Revitalisation & Renewal
MINSXXXX            Radical Missional Discipleship
MINS3601            Guided Study in Christian Education & Discipleship B
MINS3602            Creative Arts in Worship, Learning and Mission
MINS3603            Discipling Adults in Christian Community
MINSXXXX            A Public Faith in a Secular Age

MINS2704       Biblical Greek
MINS2705       Biblical Hebrew

MINS1304       Introduction to Christian Thought
MINS1305       Reading Cultures
MINS2314       The Theology of Jesus Christ, Word and Saviour
MINS2316       Guided Study in Missiology A
MINS2317       Guided Study in Innovation A
MINS2318       Mission Then, Mission Now
MINS2319       Spirit and the World
MINS2320       Evangelism, Conversion and Mission     of God
MINS2321       Reformation History / Mission then Mission now B
MINS2322       Service as Good News – The Diaconate in History
MINS3335       God the Trinity
MINS3336       Church, Ministry, and Sacraments
MINS3338       Heritage, Theology and Polity of the UCA
MINS3339       Missional Church Leadership
MINS3341       Guided Study in Missiology B
MINS3342       Guided Study in Innovation B
MINS3343       Living the Text in a Postmodern Context
MINS3344       The Gift of Forgiveness

MINS2528       Supervised Field Education 1
MINS2529       Supervised Field Education 2
MINS2530       Supervised Field Education 3
MINS3516       Supervised Field Education 4
MINS3517       Supervised Field Education 5
MINS2801       Integrative Ministry Practice A
MINS3801       Integrative Ministry Practice B

MINS1509          Introduction to Christian Leadership
MINS1510          Introduction to Formation for Ministry
MINS2524          The Caring Practices of the Church
MINS2527          Christian Leadership
MINS2531          Guided Study in Leadership A
MINS2532          Guided Study in Pastoral Care A
MINS2533          Homiletics
MINS2534          Liturgy and Worship
MINS2536          The Ministry of Pastoral Care
MINS2537          Theology and Practice of Chaplaincy
MINS3514          Formation for Christian Leadership
MINS3515          Leadership and Organisational Culture
MINS3518          Guided Study in Leadership B
MINS3519          Guided Study in Pastoral Care B
MINS3520          Advanced Christian Leadership

Please note that units marked as MINSXXXX are new to the curriculum and does not have unit codes yet. Please refer to the full name of the unit when enrolling for these units.