ACD Course

Cert IV in Christian Ministry and Theology (Code 10742NAT)

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a brand new Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology (10742NAT) in 2019.

This course is designed to help you deepen your relationship with God, grow spiritually and equip you for the adventure of Christian Ministry and Theology.

It will help you:

  • Develop in your own discipleship journey
  • In understanding and applying the Bible to your life
  • Equip you with skills and competency to engage in ministry
  • Grow in your leadership

This course includes subjects that assist lay preachers and pastors to gain the necessary qualifications for these roles within the Uniting Church. It is run by the Adelaide College of Divinity through Uniting College.

To access the VET Handbook, visit the Adelaide College of Divinity website.

The course can be undertaken by a variety of modes including on campus and online. Students will study together irrespective of which mode they choose.

The 2019 Timetable can be found here

There are 9 units in this course,  6 cores and 3 electives that are nationally accredited training packages.

A brief description of the contents of each unit can be found here

Teaching is provided through the Uniting College of Leadership and Theology and the completed award is issued by Adelaide College of Divinity.

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For 2019 the fees are as follows:

Each unit is charged at $430.

Audit price is $150 per unit.

Please note that there are scholarships available for new enrolments to the Cert IV course.

RH White Scholarships provide full or part fee scholarships for students planning to undertake the Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology course (10742NAT) who require financial assistance in the payment of fees. RH White Scholarships may also be considered for students that are undertaking studies and undergraduate or post graduate courses who are not eligible for Fee Help.

When you undertake the online enrolment process you will be given the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

If you have completed relevant previous study you may apply for a credit transfer.

RPL can also be granted based on relevant ministry experience.

The ACD RPL policy here.

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