Uniting College, in partnership with Adelaide College of Divinity (RTO 4863), are excited to offer a range of accredited VET (Vocational Education Training) Courses in 2019. Please see below for information on our specialised educators.

Treena teaches from a depth of ministry experience, and theological insight. She presently serves in a worship and teaching capacity at Bendigo Baptist Church. In 2020, Treena will be lecturing and teaching: ‘Knowing and Sharing Jesus Christ’ (CMTTHE401) and ‘Worship and Preaching’ (CMTMIN402).  

Reverend Mike Wardrop is the Lead Pastor at Encounter Church in Prospect, SA, where he co-leads with his wife Jenny. In Semester 2 2020. Mike will be lecturing in ‘Christian Leadership’ (SIRXMGT003) with UCLT/ACD. Mike has diverse range of leadership insight and skills, including specialisation in cultural analysis and practical discipleship.

Jessie Sanders
VET Coordinator

Adrian Blenkinsop Unit Teacher: CMTTHE402.  Interpret Theological Data. ‘Scriptures’ CMTTHE403.  Compare and present information on a theological theme or issue. ‘Christian Beliefs’ EDUCATION Diploma of Theology, Bible College of South Australia Cert IV TAE 40110 BIOGRAPHY Adrian has working in a variety of ministry settings, from high school chaplaincy, to national youth manager with Bible Society.…