English Lit graduate, writer of poems and plays, seeks a way to live her life as a creative woman of God. Doors to English PhD, careers in editing and publishing seem promising, but close. A door to writing worship resources for Seasons of the Spirit stands ajar. I’m not sure I have the skills to engage with the Bible. Let me work on that, and return.

Period of discernment student reflects on alternative forms of worship and Christian community, discovers she is a storyteller, discovers that her way to live as a creative woman of God might come through the door to ordained ministry. She steps through, and she is the only one who is surprised at this change in direction.

Much – and I really do mean much – biblical study (including all three levels of both biblical languages and honours in Old Testament), and formation for ordination completed, our creative woman of God, storyteller–poet–minister, now teaches at the college that helped to shape her. And has gone back through that door to write for Seasons of the Spirit.

This is the briefest snapshot of my story. Uniting College provided the environment, teachers, mentors and colleagues who helped a wandering soul find her place in community, church and beyond. This place and its people are a gift. I am so glad to still have connections here, and to continue to travel with you.