Certificate in Bible and Leadership for ESL  

Learn more, grow in faith and gain skills for leadership

We have created a non-accredited certificate designed for those who would like to learn more about the Bible, but who struggle with English reading, writing and speaking. This course is designed to build the confidence and knowledge of individuals so they may feel able to study at a higher level, and to be involved in ministry in their own church.

The Certificate in Bible and Leadership for ESL introduces students to the ideas and words used when studying the Bible. People interested in studying to become life-long disciples and effective leaders can learn together with a group of multicultural students. This might lead to studying the Certificate IV in Christina Life and Ministry or Diploma of Ministry.

Uniting College is the course provider who works to deliver education and training to individuals wanting to pursue study at their own level. Students can take one or two subjects, for their own interest, or do the whole certificate. The course is taught by experienced teachers who are also experienced Bible teachers.

We hope that studying together in this way will help students gain confidence and to learn more of God and faith from each other, as well as improving their English along the way.

Certificate 2 Level English or basic level of English is required to study the course.
The assessment is flexible and does not involve writing essays. There are class activities, spoken assessments and some short answer written assignments.

The purpose of this course is to provide the fundamental knowledge base for students potentially wanting to continue with study.

Students can take one or two subjects or do the whole certificate.
The complete Certificate includes 8 units.
Each unit is $50 including GST.

Tuesdays 10:00am to 12:30pm @ Parafeld Gardens Uniting Church, 3 Shepherdson Road, Parafield Gardens, South Australia.

Term 1, 2019

10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Parafield Gardens
Uniting Church

Introduction to the Old Testament
The Big Story of the Bible- Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration and how the books of the Old Testament tell this story. How to recognise and read different genres, and where we see Jesus in the stories.

Introduction to the New Testament
What happened between the Testaments, a look at the background to the books and letters of the New Testament, exploring the reason for writing them and the main themes of each one.

Living as a Christian
How does God want us to live? Explore different ways to pray and read the Bible. What does loving your neighbour mean? What about social justice, fasting, and money?

What we believe
The sacraments of baptism and communion. What is the Trinity? Who was Jesus? What is salvation by faith? What does resurrection mean for me now?

Spiritual Leadership
What does the Bible say about leadership? What models do we have? Can I learn to be a leader? How did Jesus lead? How do we apply this to our own situation?

Leadership in practice
A series of practical workshops for the leadership roles in a church: Training for treasurers and administrators, children’s workers, elders and leaders, ethics for pastors – all in simple
English. These can be taken individually for those who are interested.

Where did we come from?
A look at the church through the ages since Jesus. How did we get the Bible? How did the Word of God get to Burma, or to the Congo? How can we learn from the past?

Mark’s Gospel
Enter the world of young Christians facing persecution about 35 years after Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus announced ‘God’s Kingdom is here!” and Mark’s Gospel takes us on a (sometimes) breathless journey with Jesus.

To enrol, please contact course coordinator Karen Vanlint by email  kvanlint@unitingcollege.edu.au or by giving her a call on 0434 951 238.