ACD Course


Course Content

As a culture, a society and as a Church (ekklesia), we are dealing with unprecedented challenges to our daily lives, and challenges to our faith. In this time, Uniting College’s experienced faculty of pastors, theologians and researchers have developed two nationally-accredited Certificates which explore the Christian faith.

– Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry Studies
– Undergraduate Certificate of Christian Leadership

Each of these Certificates will include key units but will specialise in a particular area of content, offered in partnership with the Adelaide College of Divinity.


Course Duration

The Certificate is comprised of four (4) Units, which students can complete through a variety of online study options including online Intensives. This allows students to choose courses which most resonate with their passions and desire to learn.


Course Structure

Following significant discussion, it’s been decided that the first intake for these Certificates will be during a Winter School commencing in 01 June 2020. If you become interested after this date, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (08) 8416 8420 or at to discuss enrolment opportunities.

Students can choose their courses based on the Timetable, please contact us for more information.


Fees, Covid-19 Commonwealth Government Discount & Scholarships

In an effort to assist students in accessing tertiary studies, the Commonwealth Government has announced that from 01 April until 30 September 2020, students accessing FEE-Help and/or VET Student Loans will be granted an exemption from Loan Fees. This means that until 30 September, students will receive a 25% discount on total course cost. To take advantage of this, we advise students to contact Student Services for assistance with applications. Please click here for further information.

This assistance has resulted in an alternate fee structure however both Audit (class attendance with no written work requirements) and standard course completion are available; additionally, UCLT Scholarships are available for Certificate Units/Subjects, for more information please contact Student Services.

For more information about the program, fees and application details, please contact us on 08 8416 8420 or