Godly Play Core Training

From 16 to 18 January next year we will host another Godly Play Core Training event as a VET Intensive under the guidance of Judyth Roberts.

Godly Play is a Montessori method of telling Bible stories, developed by Jerome Berryman, using parables, sacred stories and liturgical lessons about religious traditions using simple materials. Godly Play is used extensively with adults and children in many settings, from schools to hospitals, churches to aged care facilities. Godly Play training events have evolved over 40 years of research, practice, reflection and prayer and are designed to be as innovative and deeply spiritual for adults as Godly Play is for children. In Godly Play training you will learn about Godly Play and be deeply nurtured and encouraged in your own spiritual journey.

This VET Intensive is an intense three-day course in which participants are immersed in Godly Play practice.  Learn and tell a story for supportive feedback and evaluation. To achieve accreditation as a storyteller/doorperson you need to attend a minimum of 21 hours training (3 days). In this time two accredited trainers will work with the group to provide information and experience of the three genres of stories in Godly Play, the role of the storyteller, the role of the doorperson, the Godly Play space, materials, response time, spirituality of the child, forming and maintaining a story circle community that is safe, the history and practice of Godly Play and much more.

To register, please email the ACD Student Services.

Plan your 2018 study leave now

Enroling in an intensive is a great way to learn a new skill or update rusty knowledge. These units are specifically designed to be a ‘short course’, usually running over a few consecutive days. This makes them perfect for study leave.

As usual 2018 will kick off fairly early with an Intensive or two. Here’s the list of what to look out for during both semesters:

Religious Pluralism in a Contemporary World lectured by Christy Capper.

  • Jan 15-17, 22-24, 29-30
  • This topic explores foundational knowledge of the major beliefs and practices of several world religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese Religions, Judaism and Islam. You will have the opportunity to reflect critically on religion today, particularly in contemporary Australia. We will explore primary texts (scriptures) and the experience of ordinary believers.
  • Venue: Flinders University
  • Unit codes: MINS2316 / THEO3511 / THEO8318

Christian Education lectured by Deidre Palmer

  • Feb 12-16
  • This topic explores ways in which we grow and are sustained in Christian discipleship. We will discuss a variety of ways through which people are invited into and nurtured in relationship with God. We will identify ways that the Christian community forms and equips Christians for their faithful participation in God’s mission in the world.
    Participants will identify their own gifts and roles as teachers/educators in and through the life of the church. They will develop educational processes for their own ministry contexts, that are focused on nurturing sustainable and faithful Christian discipleship. Participants will be encouraged to share and build on the experiences they bring from their own faith and life stories in the church and wider society.
  • Venue: Uniting College
  • Unit codes: MINS2601 / THEO2525

Church Planting lectured by Graham Humphris & Tim Hein

  • Feb 19-23
  • This unit explores theological and missional principles for various models of church planting. It also covers the stages of a church planting process, including contextual analysis in order to determine appropriate church planting methodologies, and leadership dynamics in guiding a team through the embryonic stage to the launch. The development of key elements such as worship style, evangelism and discipleship strategies are covered, as well as practical considerations such as facilities, funding and administration for a church plant.
  • Venue: Uniting College
  • Unit Codes: MINS2613

Christian Spirituality lectured by Gary Stuckey

  • Sept 17-21
  • This topic explores traditions and experiences of Christian spirituality and their relevance for today’s world. The topic offers the students opportunities to: read some of the spiritual classics; to explore different spiritualities within Christianity and factors influencing spiritual life in contemporary Australian society; and to experience different ways of prayer, meditation and spiritual practice.
  • Venue: Uniting College
  • Unit codes: MINS3601 / THEO3513

Reading Cultures lectured by Christy Capper

  • November (exact dates to be announced)
  • This topic examines the concepts of culture and worldview. It will enable students to understand the relationship between culture and worldview as they relate to the human person and their understanding of the world. Students will examine the relationship between worldview and culture and the practice of Christian mission and ministry.
  • Venue: Newlife College, Queensland
  • Unit Codes: MINS1305/THEO1502/THEO8506

To enrol for any of these Intensives, please contact us on 8416 8400 or send us an email.

Humanity and Grace

9 – 12 November (Thursday – Sunday)

with Duane Larson (Christ the King Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas)

The unit Guided Study in Missiology takes the form of this particular Intensive: Humanity and Grace. Be introduced to contemporary theological thinking about the human person, and God’s Grace. Join discussions of the human person as created, the meaning of original sin and the nature of grace.

The Rev. Dr. Duane H. Larson from Christ the King Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas, will lead this Intensive over the five days at the Adelaide College of Divinity Campus in Brooklyn Park. Duane is a renowned theologian and author, having taught Systematic Theology at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg and served as President and Professor of Systematic Theology at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. He has since, among other activities, held several university adjunct teaching positions and served two congregational interim ministries.

Humanity and Grace is available for credit under the unit codes: MINS 2316/3341 or THEO1303, or as a postgraduate Guided Study.

To register please send us an email.