A Day Exploring Missional Church Leadership
with Rev Dr Julian Hamilton

Mission to the West is a continuing missiological challenge. This course will explore that challenge with particular reference to the local church’s participation in what the Spirit is doing in and for the life of the world through Jesus Christ. This suggests a distinctive way of doing theology, with particular attention to lived experiences among the people of God as a primary location for theological reflection.  Participants will be grounded in a context. In this context they will develop spiritual practices of listening, discerning and imagining. These spiritual practices will be integrated with readings concerning the theological and missiological nature of the missional church.

This one day seminar can be completed on its own or be contributed to the UCLT intensive subject “Missional Church Leadership” (MINS3339). This seminar can also be taken as part of a degree, diploma or for audit.

When: 22 July 2019
Where: Uniting College for Leadership and Theology
Cost: $25 and includes morning tea and lunch

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