Lead 2020 will be taught by Pastor Craig Bailey in Semester 1, 2020.
Students will be able to take this course as individual Subject, or as individual Lectures for Audit**, or as part of ULCT/ACD’s Bachelor and Masters awards.

The course will look at developing practical leadership skills, preparing you for challenges such as preventing burnout, developing and empowering leaders, managing conflict, and negotiating cultural shifts.
Drawing from his depth of experience in people-management and cultural leadership, Craig will deliver several lectures, the remainder will be presented by guest lecturers, intentionally and thoughtfully chosen to equip you with a comprehensive vision of leadership as a ministry, wherever you may find yourself!

Craig hopes for the class to be as accessible as possible. so classes will run from 5:30pm – 8:30pm on Thursdays.
Additionally, students can choose to enrol in single lectures which appeal to their specific interests, potentially utilising the lectures as professional development.
This option is not routinely available through nationally-accredited tertiary institutions, so we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity!

  • $50 a Lecture
  • $100 for three (3) Lectures
  • $350 for the Full Course of 13 lectures.

Click here to enrol! 

SignUp/Enrolments will be completed through Adelaide College of Divinity, if you’d like to learn more please contact Lynda on (08) 8416 8400 or info@acd.edu.au

*Audit is a study mode wherein students attend class but are not required to submit assignments.

Lead 2020

Lecturers & Topics

March 05

Re-thinking Leadership Craig Bailey

Redefining and exercising leadership in a changing world


Mar 12

Leadership in the Midst of a Diversity of Cultures Cyrus Kung


Mar 19

What’s Christian about Leadership? Craig Bailey

What is it that makes Christian leadership specifically Christian?


Mar 26

The Leaders’ Vision Craig Bailey

Acquiring and articulating a compelling vision



April 2

From Everyday to Strategic Josh Shearer

How to gather people around significant, intentional priorities.


Apr 9
Ideas to Actions
Craig Bailey

How to translate good ideas into effective actions


Apr 30

Developing as a Leader Mark Schultz

Growing to the next level of leadership



May 7

Media and Technology Danica Patselis

How the communication and technology revolution is transforming our world and how leaders can help


May 14

The Heart of Leadership Linda Driver

The role the leader has in setting the relational temperature of the organisation


May 21

Making Decisions that Matter Mark Schultz

How to grow and develop in the “art” of effective decision making


May 28

Building Functional Teams Scott Litchfield

The power of working together


June 4

Resourceful Leadership Craig Bailey

Effectively generating and allocating resources


June 11

Communication, Communication, Communication Craig Bailey

Developing effective communication strategies and systems