The Adelaide Theological Library has a long history of providing South Australians which educational resources for study and ministry.

As of 2020, the library will formally become part of the operations of Uniting College, whilst maintaining a partnership with Flinders University.
ATL’s hard collection is vast in scope, the comprehensive collaboration of items from from Protestant, Catholic, Anglican traditions. Resources have been collected from Parkin-Wesley College, St. Francis Xavier Seminary, St. Barnabas’ Theological College and the Society of the Sacred Mission (Adelaide).

All UCLT students and Alumni have access to the collection, but memberships are available to the public and can be purchased through the ATL website. This grants members access to the hard copy collection as well as ATL’s expansive catalogue of online resources.

We hope that wherever your faith and educational journey is heading, that our library can serve you and resource you as you serve for the glory of God and the welfare of all people.