On Monday 22 March, Uniting College were thrilled to host the esteemed Dr Anne Pattel-Gray for a special lecture.

Dr Pattel-Gray was the first Aboriginal Australian to be awarded a PhD, from the University of Sydney in 1995 for Studies of Religion.
Anne spoke passionately on the challenges of advancing indigenous voices in public spaces, the role of the church in expressing and enacting solidarity, and the hope which she carries for future generations. A moving and powerful presentation.

To watch the video (via Zoom recording), please click here.
(The lecture begins at 03:11)


On 04 March 2021, Uniting College (UCLT) and ACD hosted the March session of Research Hour.

In the presentation, Dr Henry Novello spoke on the intersection of human psychology (drawing on selected passages from Religious Affections (1746) by Jonathan Edwards), the embodied example of Jesus Christ, and our experiences of grace.

– Dr Henry Novello: ‘Emotions and the Process of our Deification: Grace as the transformation of our emotions
To watch the video (via Zoom recording), please click here.



On 12 October 2020, Australian Lutheran College hosted Rev Dr Sean Gilbert as he presented his doctoral research in a one-hour presentation.

– Rev. Dr Sean Gilbert: ‘Beyond the Ellipsis: An Exploration into the Constitutive and Experiential Nature of the Language of Faith’
 To watch the video (via Youtube) please click here


On Thursday 04 June 2020, Uniting College (UCLT) and ACD hosted the June session of Research Hour.

The June session featured two fascinating presentations informed by the academic research and lived experience of UCLT/ACD staff.

– Rev. Dr. Christy Capper: ‘”No, it’s just me”: Mission and the Needs of Single Adult Households in Australia.’ (0:00 – 17:50)
To access the PPT slides from Christy’s presentation, please click here.

– Pastor Craig Bailey: Leadership in a Parallel Universe (17:50 – 44:20)

To access the video of these presentations, please click here.



On Monday 25 May 2020, Uniting College (UCLT) and Tabor College came together for Joint Research Seminar for Post-Graduate students.

This event featured presentations/lectures by both:

Rev. Professor Vicky Balabanski on Deep Incarnation, the Suffering of Creatures and the Letter to the Colossians (0:00 – 39:08)

Adam Jessep [PhD Candidate) on The Familial Unconscious and the Genius of Genesis (39:08 – 1hr:49min)

To watch the video of these presentations, please click here.



In March 2020, Rev. Professor Andrew Dutney launched his new book ‘Angels in this Wilderness‘ exploring the history and future of the Uniting Church in Australia.

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