Spirituality for 21st Century Disciples will be taught by David McGregor in Semester 1, 2022.
Students will be able to take this course as an individual Subject/Unit for Audit, or as part of ULCT/ACD’s Bachelor and Masters awards.

The subject explores the biblical and theological basis for Christian spirituality and ethics. It introduces students to the classical texts and various types of spirituality practiced within the broad Christian tradition. It also draws attention to present day examples and to significant contemporary writings on the subject.

A central concern will be to demonstrate the relationship between theology, spirituality and ethics, and in particular, to identify the distinctiveness of theological ethics as life shaped by the gospel. Therefore, an important focus will be on the nature of the Christian gospel itself – the good news concerning Jesus Christ – and how this message brings about a radical revision of our understanding of who God is, and who we are in relation to God. Emphasis will be placed on the communal nature of true spirituality, the benefit of spiritual practices and disciplines as aids and expressions of the spiritual life, and on the practical outworking of spirituality in our everyday context in the world.

The uniqueness of Christian spirituality is that its source is not in ourselves but in the initiative of the triune God of grace, whereby we are gathered up and drawn into the very life of God. Christian spirituality is thus a life of radical discipleship to Jesus Christ, lived in the power of the Spirit of God, in the sure knowledge of the Father’s love. It is a prayerful life of intimacy with God, characterized by joyful and grateful response to the God who loves us freely. It is a transformed life in which we are progressively freed to become more fully and truly ourselves, as we delight in the God who delights in us, love others as we have been loved by God, and learn to fully embrace life in this world as the unique opportunity given to us by God.

Topics covered in lectures and discussions include:

  • Christian Spirituality (relation of theology, spirituality and morality; traditions of spirituality; spiritual practices)
  • Following Jesus (the meaning of discipleship)
  • Life in the Spirit (experiencing the Spirit)
  • Delighting in the Trinity (the beauty of the relational God; worship with the Trinity)
  • Fully human (the meaning of imago Dei; “heaven in ordinary”)
  • The Gospel of God (God is for us, with us, and in us)
  • Union with Christ (sharing in the sonship of Jesus)
  • Shaped by the Gospel (the distinctiveness of theological ethics)
  • Becoming what we are (living out the indicatives of the gospel)
  • Serious Play (the freedom of obedience)
  • Saying no by saying yes (relation of the ascetic and aesthetic; the cruciform life in the power of the resurrection)
  • Life shaping desire (you are what you love; loving others as we have been loved)
  • Ecclesial practices (means of grace and acts of service)
  • Holy habits (prayer and scripture)

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