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  • PhD in Missiology, Urban University
  • PhD in Biblical Theology, Gregorian University
  • Licentiate in Biblical Theology, Gregorian University
  • Honours Degree in Theology, Istituto Teologico San Zeno, Verona.



Mauro has completed two PhD’s. His first, a PhD in Biblical Theology, at the Gregorian University, Rome, 2003 – 2006. Thesis: “The Bridegroom, the Wedding and the guests.  Nuptial Aspects in Matthew’s Theology”; his second, a PhD in Missiology at the Urban University, Rome 2007 – 2009, thesis: “The Mission of Light. The Communicative Function of the Symbol of Light in Matthew. A Contribution for the Missiological Reflection.

 Mauro is a Catholic lay theologian.  He was appointed a New Testament lecturer at Uniting College for Leadership and Theology in 2018 and was appointed as the Postgraduate Coordinator for the Adelaide College of Divinity in 2019.  He is a prolific writer and is currently working on his latest book in the area of Biblical Theology of Mission.

He has previously lived in a religious community in Italy, and has been involved in missionary/pastoral experiences in Italy, Hungary and Brazil. He has lectured on biblical and missiological topics in various theological institutes and universities in Italy; was Associate Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology of Mission at Urban University; was a board member of the Institute for Missionary Spirituality and Catechesis of Urban University where he gave many academic and pastoral talks.  Mauro is fluent in many languages – English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French (reading only), Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek and Latin.

 Mauro now lives in Australia, is married to Ivana, and has two young children.

Units Taught:

  • Research Methods
  • Interpreting the New Testament