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Second semester date TBA.

Venture is a new one year adult discipleship program offered by Uniting College for Leadership & Theology.

Whether studying for your own personal and spiritual growth, discerning a new direction God may be calling you to, or undertaking intentional training to serve in a new or enhanced way, Venture may be for you.

Participants in Venture will join together as a community for a few hours per week, spending time together reflecting on their studies and in prayer and worship. Participants will join with other students in undertaking subjects within the Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD) Diploma of Ministry. There is considerable flexibility in the program and participants can choose subjects aligning with their passions and interests.

The Venture program can be completed within one (1) year of full-time study, or participants can choose a lesser workload over a longer period of time. Venture has been developed out of a passion to provide a a flexible study opportunity for Christians to be equiped and empowered to understand the depth and breadth of Christian life and ministry. In this, our desire is to make the program as accessible as possible. Subjects can be completed at Uniting College in Brooklyn Park or you can enjoy the flexibility of studying online – and we will support you through that process too!

Venture is open to persons of all ages, and there is additional support for mature-aged learners. We realise that that the thought of academic study may be daunting , so a program Facilitator has been appointed to support you practically and emotionally through every step. We are excited to announce that Rev. Beth Seaman is the Project Facilitator for 2019.



The cost of the program will be $350 per year, which includes the cost of all components/activities (including events, seminars, guest speakers etc.) Additionally, ACD/Uniting College offer several scholarships or low income earners, please get in touch if you’d like a confidential discussion about this option. In addition to $350, students will pay the standard costs for Adelaide College of Divinity units within the Diploma of Ministry. FEE-HELP is available, and additional scholarships may also be available for students who are not able to access FEE-HELP.


To learn more about the subject options available, please visit the Diploma of Ministry page.

Expressions of interest for semester two can be emailed to

If you’d like to grab hold of this unique and exciting spiritual opportunity, please contact us on 8416 8400 or

We are also happy to discuss any further questions you may have.

Venture 2019.

Join us.