“…to journey together in the true spirit of Christ… to work in solidarity with the *UAICC for the advancement of God’s kingdom of justice and righteousness in this land.”
   — 1994 Covenant between the Uniting Church of Australia and the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (*UAICC)

In early-2019, the Principal of Uniting College, Rev Dr Andrew Dutney wrote:
If they are to be worth something, these affirmations and commitments have to be translated into practical steps of repentance, reparation and reconciliation… founded in personal relationships between Australia’s First and Second Peoples.

Uniting College staff believe that active listening is a central component of learning, so this discipline of listening is built into our ministry rhythms as a College, including through the Walking on Country experience. Participants listen to the stories of God at work in the lives of Indigenous peoples in these lands now called Australia, including learning about  precolonisation spirituality. In prior years, groups have walked with Kaurna elders in Adelaide, Ngarrindjeri peoples in the Coorong, and Adnyamathanha elders in the Northern Flinders Ranges.

All candidates for the Ministry of the Word, or Ministry of Deacon participate in Walking on Country as part of the training, and College staff are invited and encouraged to take part in the powerful formation opportunity. The Uniting Church Constitution Preamble acknowledges the past, in the role of the Church in the colonisation of the First Peoples; and commits to a Kingdom future in building, “a destiny together, praying and working together for a fuller expression of our reconciliation in Jesus Christ.”

To enquire about joining Uniting College for the 2020 Walking on Country (anticipated in mid-semester break), please contact Rev Sean Gilbert on (08) 8416 8420.